Know Uneed

Uneed is an institute which has an ideal training programme for students & professionals. The institute has an environment that inspires students to recognize and explore their own potential and builds up confidence in them.

Thousands of brilliant and capable students begin preparation for basic school syllabus from uneed and reach to the top institutes like IIT,IIM etc. and other top institutes in field of Medical, CA, CS and all types of engineering disciplines. The confidence gained by studying over uneed is so high that they can grow wherever they are planted. Uneed Academy believes in patience and tries to explore the potential of each and every student. The pace and level of our course is planned in such a manner that even an average student having low aptitude levels can take benefit from it.

Nipul Thakrar & Deepak Thakrar started Uneed Academy in 1989 at Shantinath Flat near Golibar Temple Bhavnagar. Day by day the graph of satisfaction level of the students and parents went high and Uneed in the field of education became the brand U can trust. The growing popularity is reflected by the fact that the number of student who approached every year for the admission is increasing year by year, but to maintain quality and provide satisfaction to each and every student we never go beyond our capacity. Academy has developed a faculty strength to always maintain an optimum student teacher ratio, so as to give faculty member adequate time to constantly strive for making their teaching more effective.

The objectives of Uneed Academy is to try and make each one of the students a winner and that is why it has built a high quality and a highly competent organization, which imparts quality education to achieve excellence in examinations. It aims to impart quality knowledge to young minds to help them achieve their Goal.

From Director‘s Desk

We adore our students. You can even say we are over attached. We constantly challenge ourselves to better the already better. We test our students until they prove themselves to show us that they can grow wherever they are planted. That’s normal for us. Because making career is not our job it is our joy.

"If you take advantage of what we offer, you will build a strong beam upon which you can lift your life.

That lever will be strengthened through the addition of our experience, mentors, culture and knowledge; components that you will find at UNEED.

When that strong beam is rested upon the rock of your faith, character and talent, then like Archimedes, you will envision ways to lift the world".

Nipul Thakrar
Managing Director

Dpak Sir
CEO & Head-Academics